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Discussion in 'Strings' started by dadozen, Mar 29, 2010.

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    May 5, 2009
    I playtested the WeissCannon Scorpion this weekend, with my usual tension( look sig ).

    I have been using PLII 1.15 for at least a year now, and really like it. Control, power, confort, spin, you've got it all. I just didn't like the tension maintenance, but since I don't play much( only at weekends ), it was breaking before it went dead. That's why I'm using such a thin string.

    Well, I bought some WC strings to test: Turbo Twist 1.18, Silverstring 1.20 and Scorpion 1.22.

    First I tried Turbo Twist. Even though I don't like textured strings, I decided to give it a go.

    I liked it, the string was good, everything was there. Power, control, comfort. Tension maintenance better than PLII. But nothing shined on me. None of the main aspects outperformed PLII. Only spin was better, which was expected. But spin was never too relevant for me( I'm more of a flat hitter ).

    Then I tried Scorpion. Wow. Now we're talking. Control and power were better than with PLII. Comfort was just a bit worse, but I can live with that. Tension maintenance, waaaay better than PLII. Both racquets( with PLII and with Scorpion ) were strung at the same day, so I can compare them on that aspect easily. Spin was at the same level, but as I said before, it's not a major aspect for me.

    plus, it's cheaper:D

    Now I'm taking Scorpion as my main string, and I was already planning to use it on the AG100s that are on my way( didn't want to use such a thin poly like PLII 1.15 on a 16x19 racquet and a red string wouldn't match the AG100s :lol: ).

    I won't even test Silverstring. I'm not the kind of person that keeps testing lots of stuff just out of curiosity. And all the people I've talked to said that Scorpion outperforms Silverstring on almost every aspect.

    Hope you enjoyed it.


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    That's interesting.

    I've only testede Scorpion as cross string with VS Team natty gut mains and compared it to same setup, just with Silverstring 1.20 crosses.

    I liked Scorpion, but felt the Silverstring as cross string gave me a little bit better control and crispness.

    The Scorpion felt a little bit like Signum pro Hyperion - soft, gentle, powerful and muted.

    I could easily see myself buy a reel of Scorpion - but I prefer Silverstring and Luxilon Alu Power as my favorite poly cross strings, so probably will stay with them and already got a reel of Silverstring and a reel of Alu Power :)

    But nice to hear, that you also liked the Scorpion string - It's a very good string for the price :D
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