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This issue often has nothing to do with Tennis Warehouse or Tennis Only. They are both Retailers.

Tennis companies like Wilson have Distribution Agreements which control where their products can be sold and by whom they can be sold.

In the case of Wilson, Amer Sports holds the worldwide Distribution Rights. Its subsidiary Amer Sports Australia controls the rights for Australia and New Zealan. And it is Amer Sports Australia that decides what Wilson products it will offer to local Retailers.

I know this because I wanted to purchase some Wilson Red / White Pro Staff 97CV Butt-Caps a while ago. No Australian Tennis Retailer had them because Amer Sports Australia does not import them. I could not purchase them directly from Tennis Warehouse USA because it is prohibited from selling Wilson products to Australian purchasers.

I could have purchased them from a European Tennis Retailer (not TW Europe) but the shipping cost was in excess of $40 USD. Alternatively I could have purchased them from TW USA using a Shipping Forwarder but the shipping cost was in excess of $40USD. I wasn't prepared to spend in $60 USD for a piece of plastic so one of my PS97s lacks a butt-cap trap door. C'est la Vie !

Another example, soon after Wilson introduced the PS97CV, the customer backlash led it to then release an all black version of the previous Black/Red PS97. That version never made it to Australia because Amer Sports Australia chose not to offer it to the Australian market.

I can understand why Global Distributors may choose to release a limited range of products in a particular country. I cannot understand why they limit what Retailers can sell to international buyers in countries where those products aren't locally available. Pretty silly if you ask me.


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Couldn't/cannot buy the wilson blade v7 98S (16x18 ) same restriction problems, same TW Europe impasse, feels very 1950s!
Great to have something like Tennis Warehouse in Australia now. Although, not much good to me when it comes to my old Prince racquet requirements. Play with old Graphite II Mid Plus racquets. Best to check web site for availability before going in to the store - can be a waste of time when you find an item on TWH US site and not sold here. I have to find most of my Prince equipment needs from US **** suppliers at very very expensive shipping costs.
In 2021winter season wanted long sleeve white tennis top couldn't get any here. Have to hunt all over the web to find stuff in white that matches. If your going to open a tennis store make sure you stock the same stock available from TWH US.