Well done Jamie Baker


Brilliant work from the Scot to make the main draw at the Aussie Open. He has been drawn against Nadal-slayer Lucas Rosol, so hopefully there will be a bit of interest around a match that is definitely winnable for him! He has fought back from an illness a few years back to get here, and so deserves it, qualifying is brutal. Also revealing to see he's another one like Ross Hutchins who classes Andy Murray as a close friend. I maintain Murray is the most normal and grounded of the superstar players. Anyway a great result, and it appears time spent at Murray's training camp has helped him. I liked this extract from the article:-

Asked if Murray's coach, Ivan Lendl, had offered him any advice, Baker said: "He just says, 'Go out and win, go out and kill the guy'. That's his advice, and not as nicely as that either!"



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Baker out in 3. Still a good effort to get through qualifiers - would be good to see more British men in the main draws in the coming years.

Well don Watson and Robson btw :)

Duncan Bell

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Great effort to make the tournament, and he says that qualification prize money (£19k I think?) means he can afford another year as a pro - and he's targetting the Top 100. Good on him.

And yes, shout out (if I may) for Robson & Watson; delighted to see them both progress. Robson vs Kvitova will hopefully be a great watch
I personally consider the fact that two Scotsmen reached the main draw of a slam on merit to be a more reliable sign of the apocalypse than any Mayan calendar or prediction by Nostradamus.

Good on JB, though.