Well, ESPN is back to their ******** ways....

Matt H.

The Henman/Philipousis match is live right now, and ESPN is instead showing the complete tape delayed match of Roddick/Popp. :roll:

I just don't get it. ESPN should have a clause at the begining of every tennis coverage saying that all Roddick, Agassi, Williams sisters, and Capriati matches will be shown in their entirety, regardless of who they're playing or if two big names are playing at the same time. It just makes you want to pull your hair out.

Kevin Patrick

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Funny how NBC/ESPN manages to alienate viewers on both coasts. I live in LA & got gyped out of seeing live Federer & Hewitt matches, but get to see Henman live.


all I've been seeing is racing, car show, and poker on ESPN on the west coast. Guess they're saving some for us, but probably what we on the west coast already saw (roddick & henman), and probably not what we didn't see...


This isn't necessarily ESPN's fault, this is what happens now that NBC is in the mix for weekday coverage. NBC has some type of priority over ESPN and NBC goes on the air at 10 am in 'all time zones' (because I want to see a 3 hour old episode of the Today show...). In the past, NBC has come on showing whatever they showed to the east coast on tape delay. Today, they came on live with both the Roddick and Henman matches in progress. I guess since they were live here, ESPN had to block their signal to the West. So right now, I'm watching a ripper between Henman and Flip and I don't care if I see the beginning of that Roddick-Popp yawner.

This problem would be solved if NBC would just commit to showing tennis this week at the same time nationwide and preempt thier regular programming. That way the coverage would be seamless even if it was on two different networks.


More ESPN moronics: while Ginepri, AN AMERICAN, was playing this morning @ 7 am EST, they refused to air that match live and insisted on showing the full hour of "Wake Up with Wimbledon". Why not just go right to live tennis, plus he's AMERICAN so it makes it OK! Morons!


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Should be "Wake Up ESPN" and get a clue. Or allow the Tennis Channel access to matches ESPN or NBC won't show like dubs.


I have no sympathy for any of you because I have got to see all of about 20 minutes of coverage this year because I work during the day. Saturday when I could actually watch some it rained and they showed the Venus/Sprem match. Sunday I was at work again. The only mens I have seen was a bit of Roddick/Wang. It has been fun following it on the IBM Match thing though. Looking forward to the Mens Final.
let's all complain! Here are some relevant emails where you can voice your complaints:

I am basically going to write to NBC and ESPN requesting that they coordinate their coverage to provide seamless coverage to the entire country. The entire western and central quarters of the country are really getting ripped. I am going to send the same email to the players' agents, to let them know that their athletes are not getting the exposure they deserve. I might even copy the email to some of the major sponsors too. Cadillac is paying for national coverage and they are not getting it when ESPN is blacked out in 12 states.


the agents: (put 'Tennis:Wimbledon coverage' in the subject line)
phil.depicciotto@octagon.com (Hewitt and Grosjean)
clifford.bloxham@octagon.com (in the London office)
mgorski@imgworld.com (represent most of the women left in the draw)

Then go to the Wimbledon website and copy and paste your email into a Feedback form (the link is at the very bottom of the homepage).