We'll NEVER see a player with prettier strokes than Federer's


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Edberg without that weird FH would overtake Fed cuz of his immaculate BH and superior net game and movement (for real), but yeah Fred is probably the smoothest player we've seen on the men's side. Among women I like my gal Justine.

Anyhoo that's not why I'm wading into this uninteresting thread, but this:

maybe someone who knows about ballet can explain why federer is pleasing to the eyes
Only philistines take the ballet/poetry-in-motion analogy seriously, LOL. A pirouette or fouette is far more difficult/demanding than any tennis stroke, and even a basic plié can lead to a whole new world when executed by a Nureyev or Baryshnikov:

Besides the relationship between dance and sports is pretty tenuous to begin with. Does anyone think Fed with enough effort could ever strut his stuff like this?

(BTW take this from someone who used to do a pretty mean MJ impression: Lokoli won that round. Gael's moves may be more athletic but it's tougher to nail that robot routine.)

On the other end you've got Seles on DWTS:

Not exactly a natural, but we all know she wasn't the best mover on the tennis court so surely the unisex GOAT would fare better, right?

Not even I can rate it much higher than Monica's. But then how about Hingis with her impeccable footwork?

I'll give the younger Martina extra points for the Band Wagon homage, but she doesn't quite have the rhythm and it's still hard to imagine her becoming a bona fide champ even with Cyd Charisse's perfectly sculpted legs.

You get the point. It takes more than athleticism, hand-eye coordination or even world-class technique to be a great dancer, and to compare Fed to a ballet maestro is not only lazy stereotyping but also perpetuation of cultural ignorance.


As fabulous as Roger's game is, let's not go nuts please.

The smoothest player we have seen so far was Miloslav Mecir aka the Big Cat. He was caressing the ball with his forehand, hitting the most elegant two-hander on his backhand side, had a wonderful touch for the finer shots, moved more gracefully and effortlessly than anyone in the Open Era, was constructing points so beautifully...

If we would want to construct the most beautiful game, there's no need for theory, there are plenty of beautiful real strokes and moves to choose from, for example:

serve: Sampras
return: Mecir
forehand: Federer
backhand: Gasquet
volleys: Edberg
smash: Okker
pass: Borg
lob: Hingis
drop: Rios
movement: Mecir
tactics: Hingis
court demeanor: Edberg

There are/were also other players with playing styles as lovely as Federer's. Rosewall, Goolagong, Pioline etc.

Finally, I don't know why would we "never in a million years" see players with games as nice as his.