Went to an open stance with the (rh)forehand. Now it's an extremely open stance.

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    Aug 22, 2010
    I lead with the right foot in front of the left. It's working well although, it places some strain on my right achilles when I hit heavy working mostly forehands for several days in a row.
    Now, to the 1h-backhand, sometimes I am not getting sideways, but utilizing this same open stance. Leading with the right foot; getting (not so great) shoulder rotation but great depth of drop to the racket head behind my left hamstring just above my calf. I am on a wide base lunging forwards when I pocket the ball at just below waist height, just above-and forwards of the right knee. The farther away the contact point, though, the more the stance must close and I get sideways. Also, this involves a grip change from extreme eastern to eastern, or possibly a very firm continental.
    I am just trying to make sense of some thoughts. I have just come from hitting at the wall. Plus, I have been trying to figure out how to hit a 1h-backhand.
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    Caveat: Overuse of the extreme open stance FH can be stressful to your hip flexor and, possibly, your shoulder. It might take a few years to manifest itself, but the hip issue is an important concern. I'd advise a good mix of neutral stance, semi-open stance and the occasional extreme open stance if you want to improve your chances of remaining injury-free for years to come.
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    Mar 28, 2011
    Got a video of yourself in action?

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