We're official: TT on the ATP site!

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Good catch, Marius. This link was only posted last Thursday (11/17). I think we should see an increase in new visitors to TT. Don/Tennis Warehouse


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TT has by far been the best forum I've take occasional part in and it's really the qulaity of posters and the timeliness of the advice that are key strengths, keep up the good work.


hyperwarrior said:
It is a great forum to be part of. It's not childish like any others I've been...
I certainly wouldn't go that far.

With regards for this board now being linked on the ATP site... I believe this is grounds for me to renegotiate my contract...


I have no idea how I found this place. But it definitely has the highest calibre of tennis talk on the net that I have been able to find.