What a match

Clement and Santoro 6 hours 35 minutes
What a great match
longest match in roland garros history and maybe even every in history.

Kevin Patrick

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Interesting that the 2 longest matches in Slam history were both played at the French(& over 2 days)
The only other 6 hr matches I can think of both involved Mac & Davis Cup vs Becker in '87 & Wilander in '82. I think Muster may have played a 6 hr DC match as well, anyone know?


Wasn't the previous record for Grand Slam with Corretja in the 3rd round or something? That was a crazy match. The third set was practically 3 hours alone. And that was some nervous stuff there in the 5th set, wow. They were literally just looping the ball down the middle at one point. Heard that the handshake was just a little touch and go though..... This record ain't quite as cool since it was 2 days, but whatever.

Kevin Patrick

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just saw this:

"Bizarrely, the previous longest encounter - only two minutes shorter - was a two-set match between Americans 20 years ago in Richmond, Virginia, when Vicki Nelson Dunbar beat Jean Hepner 6-4, 7-6, with one rally apparently comprising 643 strokes and lasting 29 minutes. The longest previous grand slam match was also at Roland Garros, in 1998 when Alex Corretja of Spain beat Argentina's Hernan Gumy in 5hr 31min... The longest match since 1968, start of the open era, had been in a US-Sweden Davis Cup tie between John McEnroe and Mats Wilander in 1982 which lasted 6hr 22min.

...Understandably, when Clément was asked if he was aware he had just been involved in the longest-ever match, he replied: "No, and I don't really care. I don't have the impression you make history when you lose a game in six hours and 33 minutes. You make history when you win a grand slam or the Davis Cup."

This match also equalled the highest number of games, 71, played at the French Open since the introduction of tie-breaks in 1973. French players also hold the record for the longest women's match at Roland Garros. In 1995 a contest between Noëlle van Lottum and Virginie Buisson lasted 4hr 7min"