what after PCG100?

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  1. adso1973

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    Feb 15, 2007
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    Hi all, after 3 years playing with the PCG 100, I am looking forward to change to a newer frame. As I used to play with the RDS001 and RDIS100 MP my eyes are on some yonex frames as the SV98 and Ezone 98, probably the logical move framo the PCG is the VCore Pro, but I want a little more of free power and spin on my shots.

    Also other frames I am considering are the Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro and the Phantom 100 as I think they might be an easy transition from the PCG with a little more power.

    In the past I've also played with the Prince 100 Tour 16x18 and is a really comfortable frame easy to play from the baseline but one thing I remember is that my shots didn't have the plow that I have with the PCG however ball was faster and with more spin.

    I am 45, play mostly on clay, heavy hitter 1hbh baseliner who likes to hit the ball hard and go for winners.

    So the question is, how would you compare these frames, basically on power, control and confort and what would you recommend me?..

    I cannot demo as I don't live in the US as I will be traveling soon I want to buy a couple of racquets.

  2. beltsman

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    Feb 25, 2013
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    This is the million dollar question. To date, I haven't found a real replacement. I've tried many. Some are close. The Angell TC100 is somewhat similar but not quite.

    The Pro Staff 97 is actually somewhat similar I think.

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