What are some poly strings that are "crisp and lively?"


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I hear a lot of strings described as either "crisp and lively" or "dead and muted."

I think I prefer the crisp and lively feel. I like tour bite and alu. While I like the lively feel, I definitely do not want an overly powerful string.

What are some strings that give that crisp feeling? I know RPM, Cyclone, 4S, Hyper G have been described as muted. That's a big chunk of the options.


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MSV Co Focus - I would personally go with 1.23mm.
Big hitter blue rough - if you’re not a string breaker it will become mushy.


I created a thread once asking what "muted" and "crisp" meant to everyone, and there was no consensus.

It seems like usually this is what people mean:

muted: masks mishits
crisp: feedback on where you hit on string bed

In my experience, that doesn't track with "dead" vs "lively". For example ... I played RPM @52 and Velocity @52. I found them both mid-power, so not dead. I guess "dead" is relative ... RPM is dead compared to Origin but lively compared to 4G.

Velocity masks mishits ... RPM does not, so Velocity = muted, RPM = crisp. But then ... calling any poly crisp seems strange. IMO ... we use the term "muted" logically ... but could come up with better term than "crisp". Maybe "loud" or "unforgiving" :p

Yes ... "forgiving" vs "unforgiving" or "comfortable" vs " harsh"
I like TB and I also liked Spiky Shark black so it could be worth a look. It was definitely crisp, but I ended up going back to TB. I give it another go on my new racket and try it again to see.