What are the best and worst nicknames which some fans bestow upon players?

Whilst I don't necessarily agree with the sentiment, ''BOATovic'' trips off the tongue well.

The ''Kandy'' nickname is cringe-inducing and forced. Let's be honest: Kevin Anderson fans consist entirely of his immediate family, friends, and a few fellow SAffers. He's pretty unremarkable in the wider world of tennis fans.
Here's one that never caught on despite my best efforts:

"Juan the Hammer" for Del Po. I mean, it's so perfect isn't it?

Also, I think it's high time we start calling Nole "Soyo-vic" instead of "world's mightiest warrior." I refuse to call someone who weighs less than my 5 year old son "the world's mightiest warrior."
Best: Fedr, hands down. Other good ones are The Nadal, Rusty Peak Injured Golden Bull (not sure if I got that right), Chia-pet, Knee_dal, ABZ, Queen V.
Worst: All lame americanizations of players' names, like Fred, Ralph, Joe Kovic (sorry i know you like that one), Air Bear, Bird-itch. KAndyman sucks too, candyman isn't exactly the word that comes to mind when I look at him.
The nicknames the Australian media were pushing were just cringe inducing for how forced they were. They couldn't even make up their minds which made it worse. The Minotaur. The Demon. Demonator I think I heard at one point.

edit: ^^^ as mentioned above, that "kandy" for anderson is just lazy, and doesn't even fit or suit any mental caricature of the bloke when you get look at him, nor is it some clever play on words. It's just awful and forced.