What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

Well, with this one you kinda can't go wrong. If you pick the Mozart Flute and Harp Concerto, if the orchestra is good, and the flute player is good, you really can't go wrong. Not much you can do wrong on harp!

Here is another version you might like: Galway has a distinctive sound. I like it very much, but some do not. Wider vibrato, does more things with pitch.

listening to this right now. thanks.
Flashed to me from my younger years. Had to play these, especially Whitney really loud, when driving back and forth the academy at the weekends.

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Just discovered an amazing Rush tribute band today. Lead singer kind of has the Gwen Stefani like voice but can hit all of the high Geddy Lee notes. And the bass player totally nails Lee's sound on the Rickenbacker.