What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?


Can't believe no-one has brought this up yet:
@The Green Mile
I swear I just came here to post it.

At first I didn't liked it, after listening the whole album (leaked yesterday), I'm starting to digest it now.

As of now, I loved Pneuma and Invicible, 7empest is good too. But this is tool, and most of the songs are 12min+, so who knows what I will think tomorrow...

Deep from the vaults of the 91X library comes Resurrection Sunday – a celebration of all the songs from 91X’s past.
Tune in every Sunday from 6am-10am!

In a few hours, it will be church at the beach as I attempt to surf and dodge sharks, and Bob Marley might be the only one who can save me.

Sunday morning reggae is a 91X tradition, and with the Church of Bob, everyone is welcome to tune in, kick back, and chill with us as we celebrate the life and music of Bob Marley.

Join me, Hilary, from 10am to noon every Sunday on 91X as I dive deep into our collection and share the best of Bob’s recordings as well as the music of his peers like Steel Pulse, Gregory Issacs, The Selecter and more.

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On a gathering storm Comes a tall, handsome man In a dusty, black coat With a red right hand His shadow is cast Wherever he stands Stacks of green paper in his red right hand.