What are your most heartbreaking experiences as a sports fan?


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So strange I was thinking about this the other day, she got her feet tangled up with a young South African named Zola Budd. I had a huge crush on Mary Decker and I was outraged. Only years later did I stop to think about how the incident affected Zola Budd, who I believe never fulfilled her potential as a distance runner.
Yes, about Zola. I too was outraged about the fall.

I think once she started wearing running shoes she began to get a lot of injuries, too.

Also, I am wondering if Decker was taking some substances. IIRC she was caught for something but let off. Then she quit citing injuries.


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RG13, and all 3 Wawrinka wins over Djokovic (other than the USO19 retirement)
Also the World Cup 2014 final. I was hoping Argentina could take the title with Messi on the roster at least once.