What CD Should I Get??


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I'm going to have some store credit from Best Buy and I think I'll just buy a cd, so which one would you guys consider out of these three? Not sure album names, but...
1. Norah Jones cd with "Don't Know Why"
2. Coldplay with "The Scientist"
3. A Lil' Jon cd
4. Alicia Keys newest cd


Alicia Keys, but I'm not really the opinion of the majority. Plus I haven't listened to the Norah Jones CD yet.


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My personal choice would be Norah Jones because from my laymans perspective it's a purer form of music. It seems less influenced by current fashion, trend or style. I have a feeling Norah Jones' 'Come Away With Me' will become a classic one day.


ibemadskillzz said:
just download it, save the credit for something else

True, just get the best songs from each CD using something like Limewire, that's what I do. But beware though, even though I have not experienced this first hand, a lot of crackdowns have been occuring by the federal authorities due to these activities, so download at your own risk. LOL. I guess me scaring you like this defeats my purpose of encouraging you to do this, sheesh, I'm sorry. Hehe.


Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head. Their best cd in my opinion, but get their others too (Parachutes and X & Y).


you have to be joking son. What about something like Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan? that would be quite cool.
And now for something completely different..........

Artist: Rudy Ray Moore

LP/CD: "Eat Out More Often"

Gather 'round your friends and listen to 'ol Uncle Rudy Ray spin some fun-for-all-the-family yarns about such legendary characters as "Dolemite" as well as "Shine." And since yesterday was the 94th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, especially check out the track "The Great Titanic" again, featuring the adventures of the legendary and great "Shine." Dr. Seuss was never this outrageous and Rudy Ray Moore was throwin' down 'major' hardcore rap before rap even knew what time of day it was.

Try amazon.com

Or if you're into something more mellow, then maybe some GWAR.



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i don't download music otherwise I would definitely do it that way. The alicia keys cd is the one with that song about some people wanting everything, but she don't want nothing at all...
I'm not too picky when it comes to buying cds. I mostly listen to rap and R&B and if I get a cd and it has 2 good songs, then I'm happy. I know that would sound like a waste of $ to some, but like I said, I don't DL.
The Alicia Keys or Lil' Jon cd would be the safest bet for me. I've only heard "Don't Know Why" from Norah Jones, but I love her voice. And the coldplay song, I didn't even know it was them. I was actually going to ask who sang the song with "nobody said it was easy..." but I just googled it.

Anyway thanks for the replies. I'm returning a PS2 game that I never played which was actually purchased a couple years ago. At the time the price would have probably been around $50, but I'm guessing it's a greatest hits now so they'll probably only give me $20 since I don't have the receipt. If I get more though, I'll probably get 2.