What Color Is Your Collection?


I'm just starting my collection of classics, so I definitely don't have as many as some on this forum. Nevertheless, the majority of my rackets are (surprise) black. Red seems to be used a lot for stripes and lettering.

How about yours?


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Red and orange, Prestiges and Radicals.
But it's not really a collection, or maybe it is? ;-)


I hate current gaudy schemes, most of my oldies are either all black
or 2-3 toned usually incorporating black.

Only exception is "ceramic" period where they're all porcelain white. :)

The whiteys need some colour... so hard to find bright coloured
replacement grips anymore from the major brands today.
Also fluoro syngut, nobody seems to sell anymore other than Gosen.
Found odd NOS in some stores, colour has faded where exposed :(