What comes after Bionic poster?


Bionic Poster
Getting a life, maybe?? Hitting the clubs, actually playing some tennis, hanging out with some girls are all options.
suresh plays loads of tennis.

he poasts while his opponents are toweling off, taking MTO's and bathroom breaks, and bouncing the ball 18 times.


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Here's a couple more:

Tennis Bum

TW mods culling time. Stop feeding the trolls.
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How about TT setting a hard limit on one's post count? After X number, you're automatically banned.

Maybe this can help limit some of the nonsense that's spilled across these boards. Especially the dump that is "General Pro Player Discussion" section.
Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

My only complaint is that people continue to quote him, and quotes are not filtered as part of 'ignore' status.
Exactly. Ever since I put a few of these annoying jokers on the ignore list, my TT browsing has become much more enjoyable and far less time-consuming.
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Bionic Poster
IIRC, in the old system they had a Supernatural after Bionic but they dropped it when they moved to the Xenforo system. The intermediate test system had an "Extraterrestrial" which I got and screenshotted but don't know where it is.