What do I like in tennis compared to other sports?

Discussion in 'Odds & Ends' started by blitzmage_89, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. blitzmage_89

    blitzmage_89 Rookie

    Jul 29, 2007
    1. No fights , brawls , riots.
    2. No one enters my court.
    3. I don't bump into sweaty stinky players.
    4. There's none of that "squeaky court-to-shoe" sound like in Basketball
    5. many people regard it as a fancy sport.
    6. when you lose , no one will blame you nor will you blame anyone. In soccer and basketball , you already did your best and when you made a measly mistake everyone hell blames you.
    7. You will surely get to play. There is no such thing a bench warmers in tennis. You pay for the court , you'll surely use the court.
    8. You only need two people to play. Very useful
  2. volusiano

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    Oct 22, 2006
    Nice list.

    1. You get a very good workout each time.
    2. You can be at any level and have fun.
    3. You can keep it as cheap as you want, or as expensive as you want, your call.
    4. Even if you don't have a partner sometimes, there are other things you can do by yourself, like practice serve, play against a wall, with a ball machine.
    5. You can 'team up' (doubles) or play by yourself (single), your pick.
    6. You can play with anybody, younger, older, opposite sex, family members, friends, etc. Don't really need to be part of a same 'peer' group.
    7. It's a relatively 'safe' sport. Little risk of injuries if you play recreationally and keep proper pace. Virtually no protection necessary. Only you can injure yourself.
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  3. Noveson

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    Feb 27, 2006
    4. Ah yes there is, unless you have horrible footwork, or are on clay.
    5. You like it being a fancy sport? That's the only thing I don't like.
    6. Bad experiences with basketball and soccer.
    7. Being on the bench just makes you want to get better. Bad expierience again?
    8. Only need one in basketball. And finding a suitable partner is hard.

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