What do people think of Alex de Minaur?


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Definitely haven’t been letting him go under my radar as an Aussie. He’s got a great game and is a nice guy (here’s looking at you Nick). Fantastic year with some great wins. Didn’t have a meteoric rise like Tsitsipas which I think is good cause then when the failures come (like how Tsit went on like a 4 match losing streak after making the Masters final), it isn’t highlighted as much.

He’s a bit short but he doesn’t let that impact him too much, Hewitt was pretty short too but he won 2 slams.

He still has room to improve but with Hewitt in his box and more consistent results and now seedings at slams and bigger events, he could be top 15 by end of 2019.
Hewitt was also top 10 at 19...


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I think you and I and anyone can tell that there is more than 1.5CM difference between these two.


Yeah, but Federer is 184-185cm.

Hewitt is clearly not in that range, but 176-178cm is not unrealistic.

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Yeah, but Federer is 184-185cm.

Hewitt is clearly not in that range, but 176-178cm is not unrealistic.
He was listed at 5'11" for the longest time. I'm 6 foot tall, I've met him before and I can say he's probably 5'10" or so..


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I like him. Even though he blew a two set lead to Cilic as the USO, he showed a lot of heart and fight that other young Aussie players lack. The problem is, he doesn't have the same amount of talent as them. He could prove me wrong, but I see him as a solid top 25 to 15 player.

Talent comes in different forms. His ability to get so many balls back and never die attitude are forms of talent that the 2 members of Australia’s Tennis A$&@hole Synonymous foundation can’t buy despite how much money one of them counts.


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How does discussion about young aussie talent turned into height comparison between Hewitt and Federer? Lol These boards sometimes never cease to amaze me i swear...


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Wilander, McEnroe, and even Lendl really did not get state of the art graphite frames until late in their career while the younger guys played with great rackets from a young age.

Though 19-year-old Wilander was playing with graphite against a woodie-yeilding Curren in the 1984 AO final :)


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He seems to be the fastest guy on tour since the big 4 + Monfils. I really hope he can weaponize that speed and become a real top player. We haven’t had a good new counterpuncher in a while. His style is much more interesting to me than someone like Zverev.
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At only 19-years-old, yet now World Number 31, he seems to be quietly going under the radar. He seems to be progressing at a much faster rate than many of the other more vaunted ''Next Gen'' candidates.

I have to admit that I don't think I've ever actually watched one of his matches live, and have only seen a few excerpts on YouTube, now and again.

I haven't seen anything particularly captivating or remarkable about his play, which is probably one of the reasons why his progress hasn't been noted as much. His power and placement is impressive, but he looks like another guy who stands a mile behind the baseline and attempts to retrieve everything like a maniac.

What are your thoughts on him?

You should've watched him playing against Feliciano Lopez early this year. Classic volleys from both guys. All out attacking tennis. Breath taking, entertaining match.

His speed around the court along with his fight is very impressive.
But even so, he has yet to even beat a player inside the top 20. (0- 12 h2h).

He's put up a great fight against some, but his get to every ball style, just delays the inevitable.
He'll either run out of steam, or be too tired for his next match.

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It's better than discussing relative height with no pictures. ;)
I think the best way to get an idea of relative height is to watch players really closely as the wait for the coin toss and when they approach each other to shake hands. From the data file I made on aces, DFs and height there was a really clear curve you could make based on the very best of each height listed, so we know it makes a huge difference. The ATP makes it sloppy because everything is inches. Their centimeter heights are conversions of round inches, so a rounded figure is then rounded to another system.

An example: probably the best estimate of my height is 179 cm. That is 70.47 inches. The ATP would then make me 5'10. But my height is (or was) closer to 5'11, so that is my listed height. It's not exaggerated. People do not talk about half inches. They don't put down 5'10 and a half, which is what I always said. I'm very precise. ;)

If you take my official height, 5'11", it then converts to 180.3 cm. The ATP lists all people who average to 5'11 as 183. This means that converting from round inches to round cms is going to give a wiggle room of around 2 cms. It's a very sloppy system. One decimal place would fix this, but it won't happen. ;)

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Fastest guy I've seen amongs 90s births. Game is raw, who knows?