What do you consider more important for a players legacy (or"GOATness")?

Who is greater?

  • player 1

  • payer 2

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A higher peak and sustained dominance at "the proper peak age" or consistency and longevity?

Player 1 has a 3 year peak of sustained dominance in his early/mid 20's in which he wins 6 slams and spends 100 weeks (both in total and consecutive) at number 1. After his dominant 3 year peak he declines in his late 20's and wins nothing of note again, drops in the rankings and retires at 30.

Player 2 also wins 6 Slams and has 100 weeks at number 1, however he never dominates the tour. His slams are spread out from his early 20's to early/mid 30's with years at a time passing between slam wins. His 100 weeks as number 1 are also not consecutive but spread out as he takes number 1 several times during his career between his early 20's to mid 30's (he does spend time at number 1 in his early/mid 30's).
(4 slams in 20's and 2 in 30's)

player 2 never dominates but his consistency and longevity means he maintains a high level of play in to his 30's even winning 2 slams and weeks at no 1.
Player 1 declined and retired early but he dominated for 3 years.

Which career is greater?

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Formula for GOAThood = lot of this + lot of that. End of the day, it's about holding the biggest records, though.

Neither of the two examples above fit the bill, but scorched earth during the 20s is a prerequisite for the rest of it. So, I'd probably choose that option.
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