what do you guys think of this? "hit forehands like kygrios"


I think its fairly useless.

He talks about shortening the loop and more compact swing because the game is too fast and hes talking about rec tennis.

1.Rec tennis is nowhere near as fast as ATP pro tennis, so this point already makes no sense
2.There are many players in the ATP and WTA that have big long takebacks and have great forehands, actually some of the best forehands (Delpo)
3.Nick Kyrgios doesn't have the best forehand

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Interesting how he's talking about stuff like joint position, inverting that front hand etc. havent heard that before.
isn't just an atp vs. wta fh discussion, based on his comparision of the racquet getting behind him on the takeback (~01:38)

kyrgios and sock do have a bigger loop (racquet head tip) by virtue of pointing the racquet almost to the net on the take back... but they don't do that all the time. while it does give more rhs, i find it harder to time, and don't have the bandwith to put in millions of reps to perfect it.