What do you think about this 14 year old?


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Sluggish ? I think he's looking ok, his volley ( racquet) need to be more out front, especially his bkhnd. Maybe the bubster meant -he didn't look to intense. If he's a relative beginner, say playing 6months to a year - I'd say he's doing ok.


his groundstrokes didn't seam to be anymore then a little shoulder and arm. No legs or lower body to build some power.


get him to watch some tapes of roger at wimbledon, especially of volleys. He should see that his footwork, which seems kinda forced, is really important in the transition game. And cut out that huge takeback with the backhand volley, but I wouldn't know for a two hander (more of a fan of one handed backhand volleys)

Forehand looks like it gets good pace and spin, but the backhand looked like the best shot he had. Footwork isn't there, so thats something he needs to work on especially closing the stance a little on forehands to get more pace and spin via rotation.

He's doing all right for a 14 year old.


Good strokes are built around good footwork. Like everyone else here, I agree that he needs to work on his footwork a lot.


Forehand: He needs to use his legs more on the strokes and keep his shoulders turned a bit longer, he opens up too early.

Backhand: Not having a two-hander myself, I can't see too much wrong with that stroke other than not bending his knees enough.

Volleys: He needs to keep the racquet head above his wrist at all times, even on low balls like the 3rd volley, which he misses almost completely, he lets the racquet head drop almost as if he was going to let it go to the ground. He needs to be contacting the volleys out in front of him more. As I saw, he was catching them pretty close to his body. Footwork is key in volleys too. Watch some of Federer's volleys. http://youtube.com/watch?v=KblriBfkyYE

You'll notice that the on the forehand volley, his left leg is farther in front than his right leg; and on the backhand volley, his right leg is farther in front than his left leg. This keeps him balanced and also keeps the racquet head in front of him.
from what people say he doesn't enjoy it, I don't think thats the case. He just might get a little nervous in front of the camera.

Teach him to spilt step right before the opponoent hits the ball . This should get him in better position for his strokes.


Did anyone else think this or just me. Also footwork is key.
I also think it looks like he's just muscling the ball of both wings, and a big reason for that is because hes always hitting in an open stance in the forehand, some rotation would follow a more closed stance.


haha, i love your voice, bundey! like a sports commentator! well, i'm 14 too, and to be honest, his strokes are a bit lower than average. you could help him improve by telling him to:

- stay still when serving, not too much upper body movement.
- your student kind of runs like an army man! in emergency situations eg. dropshots, tell him to put his racket right out in front when he's running, so he doesn't have to take a backswing to hit that dropshot. he already has the power from his forward force, from running.
- his split steps are just fine...
- he moves too much when he volleys! tell him to split step first, and then hit the volley. volleying in mid-stride doesn't help. it adds too much power to the shot, so there is more risk of an error.
- footwork needs to be improved; his footwork is quite 'robotic'.
- his eye-work is quite good, just keep reminding to keep his eyes on the ball, and not at his target. you can mis-judge the ball when your eyes are off of the ball, just look at federer! his eyes just lock onto the ball!
- forehand: ever considering to try a closed stance? it provides more power, because you go more 'into' the ball, instead of jumping back from the ball at contact. sure, an open stance looks pretty, but it's the playing that counts. not the poses. shoulder rotation is too early, that's a disadvantage of an open stance. rotate the shoulders after he's hit the ball.
- backhand: i think this is his stronger stroke; because of the closed backhand stance, there is less shoulder rotation, and better results. his swing also looks a bit sturdier than the forehand.

happy hitting!
he should get in a ready position after serves when he lands he seems off balance and sloppy. he kinda falls off to the left. That could because of his toss though

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Maybe have him on his toes more, he needs to jump into the court on the serve so maybe have his toss a little more out in front, overhead footwork needed work (scissor kick), he's probably not getting too much topspin on that backhand either.

What I really found from the video was that he can't be so flat footed. Everything else just needs a little work here and there, maybe not take the racquet back so far with the volleys.


A definite 2.5, maybe 3.0. Would not be competitive against an older retriever
3.0 player.

His hand-eye coordination and body-to-ball spacial visualization are suspect...this is reflected in the poor footwork (he does not "know where to
position himself in relation to the ball")

this is as important as stroke mechanics ..


Wow - I can't believe no-one has commented on the serve / smash.

To me, he's 'wristing' the serve too much, too much of a wrist-snap, which (for my money) is abbreviating the serve follow-through too much. I could be wrong though, keen to see the opinions of others. He could be doing this because the ball toss does seem to close to him....

Split-step: should be a split-step onto the toes, as others have suggested in regards to being on one's toes often.

Volleys: Seems he's carving them up too much, should be punching through them a little more.

Hope that helps, I'm sure he's just nervous in regards to the liking-it-or-not question, most kids would be in front of a camera.

Edit: The volley comment (carving) is FH only. As others said, the BH is being hit too late...


his technique is very unorthodox. on his overhead he doesnt even has his other arm up in the air to have balance. his volleys are very very unorthodox, awkard, and in fact bad technique. his backhand volley is too close to him. On the serve he hits the ball actually behind his head which is obviously not good and his leg kinda kicks up instead of foreward. also when hes using the hip action, its way too abrupt which when it comes down ot grueling and long matches he maybe get too tired and hurt himself. tell him to do it smoother. but on the brightside, his forehand looks pretty good and and so does his backhand.


Sorry - can't help on the NTRP front other than to say 3-3.5. I'm blurry at these levels as we don't have them in Australia, and I've learned all I know about them from this site. I have a much clearer picture in my mind of the 4.0+ levels, but am still a bit blurry on the lower levels.
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he looks good, but for a 2-3 year player not too good. im on my 2nd year and i'm 14 and i'm not bragging but my game looks better. he should jump more on his serve cause he looks like hes only 5'3 or somethin. his forehand looked great but it looked high and might have went out or something. his volleys are good but i think one of them went in the net on his backhand. he should work there. overhead was good don't know where it landed though.

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Sorry, but this guy is horrible. I say this mainly because he has played 2-3 years. It looks like he has played 6 months. Sorry, just my thoughts.