What do you think of Heath Waters and his academy?

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by TheCanadian, Jun 5, 2013.

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    I agree and think Rafa's Fh is better and don't think Fed has the best Fh to copy.
    I do like it to study and prove certain things do and don't happen with top Fhs
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    Although he does go on and on.... Its actually really good stuff. I also think he is aiming the videos at adults and coaches who will appreciate the talk and talk. It is up to the coaches to understand and teach Heath's concepts in such a way that will be understood by their students.

    With that said, I think that his academy should be good. I really doubt he will just talk and talk to those 7 / 8 yr olds....
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    Dec 19, 2012
    What position matters in a serve? Trophy pause. Can you, objectively speaking, reach the exact same trophy pause with different movements? Yes.

    Abbreviating your service motion has nothing to do with what follows. Your trophy pause matters because that's where you are when you begin your swing... how you get there HAS ABSOLUTELY NO INFLUENCE WHATSOEVER on what follows. It could have an influence if it fundamentally altered the trophy pause, but, as I said, you can get in the exact same position with different movements.

    In my case, abbreviating the swing enables me to toss the ball without moving my shoulders and without moving my legs. It's the single best thing that happened for my serve because I mess up the toss WAY LESS often that way. No shoulder problem here and I used to hit a few hundreds of these every week...

    I'd say it's wise to teach it and dumb to believe it can hurt you. A preparation never hurts you if you get into the right position before swinging and many of them can. It's probably the smartest way to teach a serve because it involves the fewest possible movements.
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    Yea, for me its the same for Nadal's forehand. Splitting it up into sections its great to use in coaching. Taking certain aspects such as his follow through and how he finishes below his shoulder, as does Federer. Nadal has such a great example of liner and angular racket path, then across the ball and finishing below shoulder. Great to watch in slow mo.
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    No, the swing begins with the toss and takeback.

    Yes it does have an influence. It should be a trophy 'phase' not a trophy pause. you shouldn't be stopping or pausing. You can but then you're losing a lot of things you could be utilizing.

    If it doesn't matter and had absolutely no influence on what follows then why don't all the pro's just go straight up directly to a 'trophy pause' like a robot?

    Yes and some movements are better than others.

    I see.
    How about momentum, looseness of the arm and body, fluidity and smoothness of the stroke? None of that matters going into the position?
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