What do you think of the Sinner-Djokovic QF at Wimbledon last year…?

What’s your take on the Sinner-Djokovic match last year?

  • Sinner the better player, outclassing Djokovic, Novak was very lucky that he got tired

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Once Joker woke up he made the Sinner look like a junior.


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Watching the highlights Sinner looked pretty damn good the first three sets.

And equally, Djokovic looked incredible the final three. He was better in that match last year than I’ve seen from him at Wimby in 2023.


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Is it hype to point out that he took 2 sets from the guy everyone thinks is unbeatable on grass?
Tsitsipas took two from him at the FO. What happened after?
Rublev took one. Djokovic woke up.
Once Djokovic wakes up determined, none of these NextGens can stop him. It remains to be seen how Alcaraz will react.


This won't be a 3-0 for anyone. This will be a tough game for both. It will end up Djoko winning.
3-2 for djoko here


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Well, that’s not the point. If a 20 year old player can take the first two sets in a match last year, what does it mean for a rematch this year?
It means that he’ll play another decent match and lose cause he’s not the better player. He’s a fine player. He’s not the better player.
Total BS. Medvedev didn't collapse in any set in USO 2019 final. In this match all sets were pretty close. Actually, when Djokovic faced Med in the final of the same slam, he lost in straight sets. The only next gen who proved he sometimes can bring good level.
Medvedev's test will be facing Alcaraz. The best Medvedev has is his analytical take on tennis. He's the best mid match problem solver.


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Last year, Sinner took the foot off the gas just a tad. He couldn't believe he was up two sets and went into cruise mode. By the time he ramped it up again, it was too late. He won't make the same mistake. He knows now he has to be ruthless.
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Last year Djokovic overlooked Sinner, and gave him the first 2 sets. Just look at Thiem at AO, and Tsitsipas at RG.

Djokovic now knows how dangerous Sinner can be, it wouldn't happen again. Look forward to an exciting, rousing match.
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I think the one thing that we can all agree on his to win tomorrow Sinner will have to be serving close to 70% or above especially at the key moments in match. If he doesn't, then Novak will be hard to stop


Djokovic was up 4-0 in the first set of their match last year and faded a bit as Sinner continued playing at a high level. The last three sets are closer to how I see this match going tomorrow. If Djokovic comes out strong and wins the first set, I think it'll be straight sets. If Sinner wins the first set, Djokovic in 4.


What extra prize money did he get for the two sets? Can you upload a picture of the two set trophy? For some reason I feel like I have amnesia right now. I must have been hit in the head.
I woke up with this insane notion that winning two sets in a best of five set match is the equivalent of losing.
Hence the common interpretation of sporting results boils down to valueless dogsh1t.


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Sinner plays too aggressive (although the bar is quite low these days), he probably got mentally and physically exhausted trying to hit through counterpunching God for the 1st two sets in the slow conditions.
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