What does Sampras do better then great Federer?

Sampras does any of these better then Federer?

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Personally I dont think Sampras does anything better then the great Fedster. Serve, forehands, backhands, movement, net play, mental game, return game, passing shots, and court smarts. Do you think Sampras does anything better then king Federer? Vote for the categories you think he is better in. I voted for none, if you think none for the none at the bottom. It is multiple so vote for as many as you want.
A "poll" of this type, posted by an someone named "federerfanatic" is a pretty good indication that it's a total waste of time and bandwidth.


Well , to Federerfanatics credit - he has defended his champ well , Someone named as "federerfanatic" doesn't necessarily has to be biased - he so far has shown excellent fair-play sense , he has responded to other ppl's comments with a gd attitude - he himself says that he is a federerfanatic - I respect that , I myself consider myself a Sampras-Fanatic , but that doesNOT mean I don't Love FED ? Just thinking about modern day Tennis without FED after Sampras ( pains me even thinking ) - the quality of tennis will be so so low . Just that FED doesn't have a gd competetive playing field doesn't mean He's to be blamed - he still is a great Player , he might have shown even greater prospect if he had other great players to compete with . But thats a 'might have' , Sampras has already done that - to me that Sampras 14 slams is equal to FED's 28th ( if he ever reaches that ) . but thats me . I STILL THINK FED WILL GET BURNT-OUT THIS YEAR (2007) .
I'm getting off-topic , sorry , everyone here is a tennis-lover , so more-or-less everyone loves ATP-pro's , we might be critical abt someone's playing style . But we still admire them somewhat . I personally think federerfanatic put up a nice poll , which gives us the option to express our opinion .