what does "stringing bottom to top" mean?

Discussion in 'Strings' started by tennisfreak15347, Jul 12, 2008.

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    Jun 15, 2008
    I was reading a recent post by someone, and they were outraged that their Yonex racquet was strung one-piece bottom to top. What does it mean, and does it affect playability or durability?
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    It just means to string the crosses started from the bottom and going up.

    And to the last 2 questions, no/no.

    The only reason you don't want to do this specifically on a yonex is it will cause un-necessary stress on the frame. Otherwise, because of the boards everyone is paranoid about string bottom up when in reality it is no big deal on most frames but only some.
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    Aug 6, 2007
    The fear of starting the cross string at the bottom (i.e. throat) originated in the wood racquet era, when this procedure would sometimes lead to racquet breakage from frame stress. While current materials make it unlikely that you'll break the frame, it does put more stress on the hoop to string from the bottom, and is easily avoided, so why not just string top down? Also, several manufacturers (notably Yonex, among others) will void the warranty if the racquet is strung bottom up as they feel it compromises the frame's integrity. Whether you believe it or not, you may as well string top down. There is no known effect on durability of the string or playability...it's strictly a frame stress issue.

    N.B. It's easy to just find out the manufacturer's recommended string pattern/procedure and follow that to be safe.
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    Aug 3, 2006
    it is possible to string bottom up, just not on certain rackets, most notably head and yonex frames. some manufacturers like wilson claim their rackets can withstand the stress of stringing bottom up.

    in traditional one piece stringing, the crosses are usually strung bottom up, but any racket that calls for 2 piece stringing requires top to bottom stringing.

    however, i'd recommend that you always string top down just to be and so that you dont have to change the way you string regardless of what brand racket you use.
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    problem with the one piece is that you will often times end up having to do the bottom to top, like stated above, not recommended for the frame and that's provably why the ATW(ArroundTheWorld), method was invented,
    ATW allows you to use a 1pc and still string from Top to bottom, for these specific racquets
    having said that, i still have not done one yet, i been doing hybrids all this time, which require the 2 piece and thus top to bottom is the safest method for me to follow
    there are several ATW methods online and youtube on how to do this
    good videos to watch when you have to do one of these racquets
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