What frame for a flat shot 10 yo boy?


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I've a boy 10 YO that have a hard shot from the baseline, but he shots flat grounstrokes only. (forehand and 2HBH)
He don't like any spin, even under extreme presure.:grin:
Now he uses a Prince O3 tour mp, and all this shots go out a 2 meters media.:grin:
What kind of raquet do you sugest, to put his balls inside the court?
Maybe a 18 x 20?
A heavyer stick?
another string? (now he uses sppp at 58 lbs).

thanks for your help...


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an 18x20 and patience. maybe you let him play some tournaments, so he will get his butt kicked and will start to be smarter - you got to mix it up in your game, a flat one, a spinny one, a slice one, and then he'll start winning and have more fun.


you cant survive in a game with only flat shots
what if you need to run up to do an approaching shots
I could imagine it flying

Give him a APD then maybe he'll learn to put spins in his shots


i agree !

not racket at all, i've seen kids playing tournament here with O3 tour MP, they are great ! and (threateningly) good.

it is his skill u need to improve. flat stroke isn't a problem, but hitting it right and accurate is.

Don't hurry, take the time (to train him), he 'll Grow up.

BTW, if he's really so stubborn, give him an I-Prestige Mid, that will hopefully tame his power, (not the racket's, but his power) :)
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if he's ten and a decent player (don't mind the balls 2meters out, i mean the basic and correct strokes) and willing to play in a competitive environment (some kids don't like it so if he doesn't, don't push him - at this age it's important to love to hit the ball with a decently technique), sign him up on some lower level tournaments. my son is 7.5 and he stopped fooling around (80% of the time) after he started to play some friendly matches and lost to other kids he felt don't have his technique but were not trying to play a fancy ball with each and every stroke. competition is, or better said can be, very educative - but you definitely know your kid best, so it's your call to make. let him have fun and stay with the game.
if he wants a new racquet, you can also try to have him play spin too in order to be rewarded with the racquet of his choice. each and every good practice, my son would get a point, if he doesn't play decently or fools around, he gets none. so, when he gets to 30 points he gets a new pair of tennisshoes. he accumulated 60 points, he got new racquets. he'd have gotten them anyhow since he would have outgrown them, but if he has to "work" for it, he's having a different attitude towards his gear and apparel - at least mine does.