what goals should i set?

Discussion in 'College Tennis Talk' started by the wise wizard, Feb 10, 2010.

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    hello, i'm 17 a junior in highschool, ranked around 150 in section (lack of tourney since i just aged up) i have beaten players all the way up to 70-50 in the section for sure (done well against top 20'ers too). i have some time to work on my game before college and i'm kind of wondering what general goals i should set for myself.
    i have been playing 5 days a week (more when i can get it), spending 20+ hours a week working out (lifting, cardio, footwork stuff), and i'm starting to get noticed by some people.

    i would like to play D1 but D2 is by no means a huge disapointment. i dont have to go to a great tennis schoo,l i'm thinking maybe Big Sky conference as i know some of the schools pretty well and am fairly interested in those schools.

    what ranking should i shoot for by senior year? (sectional and national)
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    You could ask the Big Sky coaches by email what they want to see in a ranking.

    Also, check out tennisrecruiting.net and see how you compare to the players who have actually signed in the past with these schools. Be sure to cross-check against the school web site to see who plays what position in their matches.

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