What happened to 10 and 11 inch shorts

What happened to 10 and 11 inch shorts? Nike and Asics used to have them and I remember even Wilson had some. For this season I can not find any of them.


I'm lucky. I can still fit the largest boys shorts in the discount stores when I can find them. Strangely enough, I see a lot of young females also buying and trying on these shorts. ;)


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"What you mean you people?!

Seriously though, those shorts are the best of all time really. Drawstring to tighten and loosen as you need it to, the length is perfect, nice pockets so you can hold about 3-4 balls in each one (in before a coach touched my balls joke) and they last too. The only issue is that after quite a few washes, the zipper kind of stops working so well. It's not a big issue since I hardly ever use the zipper pocket anyway, but that's probably the only downside. I'm pretty sure I have about 15 pairs of those shorts, hell I'm wearing a pair right now as I'm writing this. :D