what happened to Deuce?


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I guess he has been banned for quite some time already. I remember he was a knowledgable member about rackets, especially some old-school rackets. Just what happened to him? and is he back under some other names?

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He was banned some time ago. I am thinking about 3 years ago.

He did not always play well with others. :)

He had a tendency to engage in pointless/endless arguments with some other posters that led to problems. In short, he ran afoul of the mods and that was that. Not sure exactly what the last straw was, but evidently there was one.

Don't know if he is here under another name but I would not be too shocked if he was as he had been posting here for years. Even back in the days of the old pre-2004 board. And yes, he was a knowledgeable poster.
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thanks. I would be glad to know if he is back here.
at least we still have lots of racket historians around here which makes up a good community here :)