What happened to Georgia?


I follow Ohio State and they had a tough battle against Georgia, the people that I talked with that went to the match said it was a great match, but 4-0 loss. Now Georgia is in the mid -20's ranking and losing to Alabama. What happened?


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Ohio State was playing their first outdoor match, in windy conditions against Georgia's full lineup, in Athens. OSU also had a different doubles lineup that wasn't playing very well, so this match was a turning point for them. They have played great ever since

As for Georgia, they lack depth in the 5/6 spots, they then lost Oosterban, Walker has been injured, Reinburg has also missed some time, and then having a couple of guys playing poorly has really hurt them. Ponwith stepped up last year and played great at the number 1 spot during the NCAA's, but has not had the season he did last year. Last years run in the NCAA's was very remarkable given what had happened to the program beforehand, but the affects are lingering this year. It's a good team that will always be in the mix, but this year they have just struggled. They'll be fine next year.


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Big pickup for next year for Georgia: Philip Henning from South Africa. Supposed to arrive in January.