What happened to Michal Tabara

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  1. Any news on him? Any Czech posters on this board?

    This guy was extremely hyped in the 90`s he was supposed to be the new Ivan Lendl, Michal is born in 1979 just like me and I played him twice in 1994 during juniors in ITF-tournaments in England and Hungary- and My god he was good!! :shock:

    I definetely thought he was gonna be top 10 some day- I guess this shows everyone that being a great junior doesnt have to mean you will make it as a senior, it shows how incredibly tough the world of tennis is.

    I see to often juniors who win some tournaments on home soil and think they aare the new hotness and when they go out in the big world they are nothing at all.
    Its a wellknown phenomenon but still happens to many times.
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    Have you tried a website called google.com?
    If you type his name in google search you get plenty of info. So, do some research and stop polluting the boards please.
    Btw, he's best result was #47 in world ranking.
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  4. #4
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    No problem.

    He appears to have a really nice game, no volleys to go off of, but smooth strokes. He's different than a lot of Czech players though, he doesn't hit a flatter ball (going off of top Czech players here, Stepanek, Berdych, Dlouhy, etc...) and he's not the tallest guy out there. My educated guess is that he doesn't have a weapon that he can rely on time in - time out. I do llike his service motion and his racquet though. :)

    Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNHfsoMcjnU
  6. Definetely! Thats a good summary, and he also has a wonderful touch.
    The thing is he looked almost exactly the same when he was 15-16 as he does today :)
    Yes his shots are average no real weaknesses but no weapons either-gotta have that in today`s game.

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