What happens if all three of them end up with 20?


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To be honest i'd be fine if all 3 ended with 20. I feel thats how it should be. Even if fed is behind in head to head with both and in masters 1000s and no olympic gold.
I would have Fed>Joker>RAFA. But I can see RAFA staying at 20. He's the heavy favorite for RG and if he gets 20 then he will push himself to the brink to get 21+. If that happens I can't see Joker winning 5+ slams to pass him. Fedr needs to win AO 2020 or Wimby 2020 to stay in the lead.


Today they are tied at 54 Big Titles each , as the ATP defines them.

If Nadal wins YE1, which he is well paced to do, they will be tied there as well.

20-20-20 has a nice ring to it!


Can't imagine Rafa or Novak retiring with 20. I see them hanging around until they're 45 if that's what it takes to get over the hump.


Injuries are the wildcard. Barring injuries it will go Joker>Rafa>Fed. Djoker would have won this healthy, easy. While Rafa lucky to steal one, and Fed, other than at Wimbledon, is on fumes.

Prediction: Rafa gets 2 more FOs. Hits 21. Fed gets no more into the clubhouse at 20. Djoker 2 more wim, 2 more aus, 1 more Fo, 1 uso. Gets to 22 min--if fed and rafa hang it up, could pad that more in a post big 3 world.


all i know is rafa is no.1 when it comes to gamesmanship and yes i will continue to bring it up because he was appalling tonight