What has happened to my game???

Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by Gugafan, Dec 8, 2009.

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    Few years ago, I used a LM Prestige MP and probably played some of my best tennis as a junior. I used to use a grip size 4 back then, and really thought my return of serve on the forehand was one my best shots. I just felt as if my timing on serves, was alot better overall.

    Recently I have switched to a fxp prestige grip 2 and now AG 200 grip 2 but for some reason I continue to struggle returning big serves. I used to love sending back them big bombs with interest, but lately I have become very defensive minded as I tend to shank and mistime alot of returns. The serve and one handed backhand are right up there, but ever since moving to smaller grips it seems my forehand has gone right out the window. My racket head speed on my forehand has gone, as I am subconciously aware of shanking yet another forehand out the court. I have also noticed there is alot more twisting of the racket in my hand.

    I hit with quite abit of spin with my forehand, hence the reason for switching to a smaller grip but my return game and offensive forehand have declined bigtime. It begs the question, is using a smaller grip abit overhyped on this board. I mean look at guys like Djokovic (grip 4 plus 2 over grips) and monfils also uses a pretty big grip yet they hit with a ton of spin. I dont really like building up grips by adding too many overgrips, so might just move to a grip 3 with a standard OG....Any thoughts??
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    Its probably just a case of not having enough "umph" behind a hard hit ball with such a small grip. Its just not as stable and I know exactly what you mean. I use a size 4 and used to use a size 2 and I know the feeling of hitting a perfectly stable return with little racket movement in my hand compared to having a size 2 grip slide around on the same shot.

    My advice would be to try a grip 3, maybe the forehand will improve and you shouldn't lose too much on your other shots.
  3. LeeD

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    Confidence can be a big factor here....
    Seems if you're confident, you hit out from the beginning, might miss a few, but pretty soon, your rocketships find the court.
    If you're tentative, first miss you start to play defensively, never gain your returns or solid shots, and start to push the ball.
    Dat's me above, of course. Better to miss a bunch in the beginning and allow your good shots to find their way back into your game at the end.
  4. sir_shanks_alot

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    You already know the answer. Grip size definitely makes a difference.

    I tried smaller grips for a while, but didn't have the same consistency. That and the sweetspot feels smaller. Both contribute to a lack of confidence.

    The one thing I don't like about larger grips is serving. I have better control, but don't feel I get as much action or power as with a smaller grip.
  5. lancernrg

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    Oct 3, 2006

    Simple, the current racquet you are using is too demanding. Stop blaming it on the grip size, that has nothing to do with it.

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