What is Bjorn Borg doing now?

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by Haka Boy, Apr 29, 2005.

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    Not much is ever reported about him. The last article I read about him said he had played some matches on the seniors tour but had since retired, some say to coach in his homeland.

    I do know he wasn’t ever into the publicity hype of some of today’s players. In a way I applaud him for that, but still I'd like to know what he’s doing and what he’s achieved in life since retirement.
  2. Brian Purdie

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    Feb 19, 2004
    well, it would be criminal to describe the things that went on between retirement in 82 and his comeback in 91. After leaving what was the "nuveen" seniors tour in the late 90's, Borg currently lends his name for an expensive underwear company that also makes a few clothes. I don't recall the site, but it's something like bjornborg.net. They make fun of him in their advertising.
  3. Tenny

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    Feb 19, 2004
    Is it true he was broke at some point of his life?
  4. Brian Purdie

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    Feb 19, 2004
    not really. that happened in 1987-8. What he did was claim bankruptcy, and hid $50 million in swiss bank accounts from the investors of his original clothing company called the "Bjorn Borg Design Group" (BBDG). He originally lived in sweden, mover to Monte Carlo during the playing years, shoved the money into homes that were in his parents names and swiss accounts. He claimed bankruptcy, throwing away $10 million in the BBDG, and costing investors $65 million (it was a $75 million dollar company).

    Now why would he do that? Simple. The new people with the Bjorn Borg clothing line, now based in sweden, offered him more than $10 million, so he basically screwed a bunch of people with BBDG to sign with a better deal. Of the BBDG, one investor wrote a book about his experiences with Borg; Lars Skarke in "Winner Loses All".

    He was never close to being broke, but he has been close to killing himself several times. In articles by the Swedish press and in Skarke's book, the 1991 incident in Milan about 'food poisoning' was a cover for his suicide attempt. he was also near death a few times at his hangout "the cave". This was a underground apmt he kept for himself in Oslo, i think it was. He would have porno, drugs of all sort, hookers, and a myraid of very very unusual behavior. The escapes to the cave would last a few days to an entire week.

    His drug abuse, which started in his late playing days, was out of control throughout the 80's. What is left of Borg is a drug-induced psychosis of paranoia and delusion. He is basically burned out mentally. He did manage to pull it together for a few years on the seniors tour, but I think he is basically old and much sicker than he would have been otherwise had he kept himself healthy.

    I actually met him a few times in Atlanta back in 1993 when he played for the Atlanta Thunder, and I went to alot of the matches and he did a few personal appearances around town. It was very sad. He never liked speaking to anyone, much less a kid like me, and I could only wonder why on earth he was playing a crappy TeamTennis league matches and still losing badly.
  5. Haka Boy

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    Thanks Brian for your reply... how sad, all that talent and knowledge gone to waste
    So it should be definitely be in the files of the "what ifs"
  6. Jet Rink

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    Feb 12, 2005
    Agreed that the above constitutes a sad tale, but remember, unless you're going to cite sources other than the Skarke book (which I've read), you've got to take it all with at least a small grain of salt.

    Skarke surely suffered some hardship, but the book has to be seen an attempt to either right a wrong, use his experiences to make back some esteem and cash and/or fulfill some sort of vendetta. He had a lot to lose, but sometimes that's life in the real world, boys.

    I thought the stuff about Borg as addled drug addict, etc. seemed far-fetched - certainly a bummer to read, no doubt.

  7. wildbill88AA

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    Jan 21, 2005
    great post. although he had an icy cool exterior, underneath it all, maybe he wasn't quite as strong as he appeared. i remember in his younger years when he came up against better players, particularly connors, and he got behind he would just quit. and when mcenroe started beating him and took the number 1 ranking, he quit the game altogether.
  8. Brian Purdie

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    Feb 19, 2004
    True, but mac also writes in his book that Vitas had a wild lifestyle including cocaine abuse, and theorizes that once Borg caught a taste of the lifestyle Vitas was living, he wanted it for himself (hence the reason he quit). Vitas had some horrible well-documented drug problems. Therefore, I am more likely to suspect that Borg's problems (and the crazy stuff happening around him) was also a result of more than recreational drug use.

    Besides, Borg was very odd in his last days in the public spotlight on the tour. The story about his apperance at Monte Carlo in 1982 was bizarre, and not that much different from the portrayal of Richie Tennebaum during that tennis match scene in "the royal tenn." Furthermore, he didn't even bother to defend his French Open crown in 1982, despite having 6 titles in Paris. within recent years.

    one other note: despite comebacks in 91, 92, and 93 on the professional tour, he never won a match. He did extend his 1st round match of the Kremlin Cup to 3 sets, and came close, but did not close it out.
  9. hoosierbr

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    Jul 12, 2005
    Borg back in action


    Borg relishing the thought of Dubai challenge

    By Alaric Gomes, Staff Reporter

    Dubai :
    Bjorn Borg, one of the greatest tennis players ever, has given his seal of approval for the seniors exhibition tournament to be held in Dubai later this year.

    "I think it's a great idea to have such a great event which is much more than a simple tennis exhibition," the legend told Gulf News from his home in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Borg will be joined by former tennis greats like Ilie Nastase of Romania, Vijay Amritraj of India, Michael Stich of Germany, Guy Forget, Henri Leconte and Mansour Bahrami of France, for the Dubai tournament which will be held on November 8-10.

    This first-ever seniors tennis championships, aptly named The Legends Rock Dubai, will coincide with a farewell concert by former Genesis frontman Phil Collins at the Madinat Jumeirah.

    The tennis event is being put together by Delwood Consultancy Services for the Little Dreams Foundation, which was founded by Phil Collins and his wife Orianne.

    Given such a prestigious occasion, Borg said he did not mind being associated with such a cause.

    "I hope they will make more senior events in Dubai because this one is going to be a big success," Borg vouched.

    In fact, Borg who now leads a retired life away from tennis with his family in Stockholm decided to step out of retirement due to a request made by his friend Mansour Bahrami.

    "Mansour is one of my best friends, and when he asks me something I cannot turn him down," the Swede stated.

    Borg relished the idea of re-visiting Dubai after a long break. "I have been to Dubai a long time ago. I know the city is great and the people are great as well. I hope to play good tennis and make this event a huge success," Borg said.

    And he does not want to make this association with Dubai his last one.

    "Who knows, maybe other opportunities in tennis will arise in Dubai and I will be happy to consider being part of it," he added.

    The former legend's aim in coming to Dubai for the November event spreads much more than the game. "I hope people will enjoy watching us because we are definitely coming to Dubai to communicate our enjoyment of being here," he said.

    Despite the fact that he would be stepping out of retirement for the first time-ever, Borg is still unsure whether he would be willing to make a comeback on the seniors tour from then on.

    "Presently, I'm in a good shape and I have decided to come to Dubai this year. I will see what my plans will be for the future," he stated. Borg is considered one of the greatest tennis players of this era having won the Wimbledon five times and the French Open six times.
  10. Andy Hewitt

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    Feb 10, 2005
    Man if I had that much money I'd so be in a drug induced psychosis for the rest of my life....

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