What is Djokovic's worst surface?

What is Djokovic's worst surface?

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Because clay requires generating pace more than the other surfaces.

Because clay nerfs his ATG return

Because clay enables other players to defend more like Djokovic does on HC or even grass.

And because Nadal, yes.
Still, I think he should be better on clay than on grass.
Regarding fast hard courts...He primarily has a Federer problem on that surface, because Federer can disrupt his timing, which is why we saw all those losses in Cincinnati and Dubai and Shanghai that year. Murray to a lesser extent has caused him problems. However, he does extremely well over all on that surface, just not outright dominant mainly due to Roger in recent times.
I still believe clay is the worst djoko surface, and have been saying that since 2008 or so

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I'd say it's grass. He and Rog have just run into the single greatest player on any surface when it comes to clay. If it weren't for Rafa, Fedovic would be sitting on 5-6+ slams a piece at RG. There is also more competition on clay compared to grass. Pretty much all the old guard who know/knew how to play on grass are either way past their prime or retired. Whereas on clay there is at least 2 guys who can consistanly take Joker out at RG (Thiem and Rafa), and a handful of others who can push him harder.
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Indoor articifial wood surface.
I taught and played on a gym floor of a YWCA back in the 70's! It was probably the quickest court I've ever played on! Obviously preventing bouncing as on grass is the most legitimate way to play on the surface! Anticipation and getting early starts to catch up to groundstrokes was an experience, but it quickened me! :unsure: :cautious: ;)

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Djokovic gets better results on hard and grass courts now, so clay would be his "worst" surface by his high standards in comparative terms.


To people saying that Djokovic would have won more on clay without Nadal. It's true. But at RG he was stopped by Nadal from 2012-2014. All the other years he lost to other players there. While he has won 5 of the last 9 wimbledons.