What is going on with tennis channel?????

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by marialover, Jun 4, 2007.

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    Apr 23, 2005
    I read in t e nnis week dot com ( see article below) that 4 live streams were to be available each day for free but only 2 or 3 were ever offered. Yesterday, only 1 was offered. It may have been free livestream but it defintely rubs me the wrong way when something is promised to me(4 streams) and it is not delivered. Today, there were no livestreams available.

    Also, yesterday's sharapova/ schnyder match was supposed to be "exclusive" on its' 4pm coverage, according to Ted Robinson and other commentators, but NBC showed the 3rd set live making TTC coverage at 4pm a waste.

    The day before, on a livestream, Elise Bergen told us the result of the Sharapova match even though TTC was planning to televise it so that made the tv coverage pointless since Elise gave us the result on the livestream.

    TTC also has devoted so much time to interviews, background on Paris, the players...rather than showing live action featuring the number one players on the WTA and ATP. Often, in the middle of a set, we were shown this type of non-match coverage and then TTC rejoined the match 6 or 8 games later!!!

    I think that the tennis channel was worse than ESPN. This Roland Garros was supposed to be covered better than ever but it has been the worst coverage ever.

    and here is the article about livestreams:

    Play Ball: TTC, MLB Partner For French Open Web Streaming

    By Tennis Week

    It's a French Open field of dreams for tennis fans: even if you don't get The Tennis Channel, TTC still has your ticket to live French Open match coverage — free of charge. In a match of center court and center field, The Tennis Channel will play ball with Major League Baseball to bring both the 2007 French Open and 2008 Australian Open to the web.

    The Tennis Channel has partnered with MLB Advanced Media, LP (MLBAM), the interactive media and Internet company of Major League Baseball, in a multi-year agreement to stream live matches on multiple courts and supporting content to Tennis Channel’s web site during Roland Garros.

    The online coverage of the French Open at www.TheTennisChannel.com will complement Tennis Channel’s comprehensive broadcast coverage of the clay-court major starting on Sunday, May 27.

    Powered by MLBAM, www.TheTennisChannel.com will stream French Open matches live, allowing web viewers to choose from up to four simultaneous matches — all for free. In addition to live matches, TTC will provide other on-demand video content, including daily highlights, archived matches and original content.
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    I agree with you completely. TTC has been just as bad and maybe even worse than espn. You did a great job mentioning all the reasons why TTC dropped the ball on its' first grand slam coverage.

    I think that all the grand slams should follow in Wimbledon's footsteps and livestream many courts. I thought the twenty dollars was well worth two weeks of livestreams. I didn't have to watch Roddick four times a day and interviews from three days ago instead of live coverage, suffer through an atp match featuring two no name chokers who had no chance of progressing to the second week instead of the top wta players... The livestream has to offered just like wimbledon- all the time, many courts not the way TTC put two streams up one day, 3 another, none another, turn them off before matches were completed on those courts, etc.

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