What Is My Racquet? Is it unknown?

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by ikon, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. ikon

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    Jun 25, 2005
    Hi i was just wondering is there some sort of website i can go to that has a complete list of every tennis racquet made by wilson after say 1980. That way i could find what my racquet actually is and its specs and therefore determine if its good. Because my racquet has no info on it and its older. Is there a way i could find its specs???

    My parents went and found this racquet at an old pawn shop. Brand is WILSON. Has a vibration control thingy. On the side it says Midsize Frame Geometry. Also has SuperLight Power System written on the top. Its Black and White color. "L3" 4 3/8" (little to small im 4 1/2" grip, so dont know what to do there?). It says in the middle it has a mass weight transfer = says a higher/larger sweet spot and more power. Says all over in big SPS superlight power system. And the last thing of writing it has is PRO in caps on the left side written in large letters.

    Guesing its 13 oz maybe or may be off i cant tell... anyway the string looks as tho it hasnt been changed since forever, could u guys help me out and maybe i need to get it restrung? what tension? type of string? its 16x18 string pattern and thats all i can tell u i guess.

    Thats as best a description i can give u guys. It looks normal length and ok shape. Im guesing from the 1990s(early 1990s). Im hoping i can get some help from you pros on what racquet i have. Ive looked all over and cant find nuttin on it. But this is a great forum and hopefully you guys can help me out here and determine if its good enough? what i should do if not? and maybe find the racquet i have?

    Thx for the help if possible...

    A Picture of it is on this link.
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    Feb 11, 2004
    There are several Wilson Court frames listed in the USRSA stringer's digest database and one that is called a Court Pro 95 with a 16X18 pattern. Might be a match. However, this only has the string pattern, not the specs. The TW racquet finder doesn't have a Court Pro in there at all. I think you're going to have to find someone with a postal scale so you can weigh it and we can tell you how to determine it's balance point and estimated swingweight. You just need to measure the length of the racquet. Let's say it's 27" long. Using a broom or mop handle or a piece of wooden dowl rod you would set the racquet on there at the half way point of the frame(13.5"). Then make a mark where the butt end of the racquet is. Now move the racquet back and forth on the rod until it balances. Make another mark where the butt end is after doing that. Now measure between these marks. Each 1/8" is 1 point. If the second mark was toward the head from the first one, then the racquet is head-light by that number of points. If the second mark was on the side away from the head, then it is head-heavy.

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