What is one tennis opinion we can all agree on?

Gary Duane

What we can agree upon:
  • Equipment has changed the game. Whether that is a good thing or bad is in constant debate.
  • Longevity has been helped by modern medicine, modern surgery and improvements in training methods.
  • The average height of top players has gone up. (But we don't agree about why, or how much of that has to do with surface and equipment change.
  • The average rally is now longer. (But no agreement about why.)
  • Dominance of US male tennis players has fallen into the toilet, although no one agrees upon why this has happened or how to change it.
  • Coming to the net is now a lot harder, and I don't think anyone disagrees about this.
  • It seems to be a lot harder for young men to win big events and slams, but no one agrees upon why.