What is the best strings for Head Gravity?


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Low tension poly. I like hyper g 16l at 44 pounds, but it depends whether you want power, control, comfort, or whatever.


If it’s cold-ish, I like a soft poly at mid-low reference tension; now that’s warming over here, I’ll go up 2-3 lbs (Gravity Pro).
it really depends on your play style and your injury history - the Gravities are soft enough that they’ll take a stiff poly at mid tensions really well, but if you need it, you can go with a soft poly at the popular 40s range.


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On the Gravity Tour I really like Head Lynx Tour champagne 1,25 at 23kg/50,7lbs on mains and 25kg/55,1lbs on the crosses. Good control, balanced power, yet not harsh.
Also Head Lynx Tour 1,25 in the mains at 24kg/52,9lbs and Grapplesnake Natural Gut 1,30 crosses at 25kg/55,1lbs are very comfortable, sometimes a bit too powerfull.
I also liked MSV Focus Hex 1,20 at 21kg/46,3lbs mains and crosses at 22,5kg/49,6lbs.

MSV Focus Hex 1,25 with 22kg/48,5lbs on mains and 23,5kg/51,8lbs crosse as well as Solinco Tour Bite 1,25 with 21,5kg/47,4 mains and 22kg/48,5 crosses did not impress me. Very controlled but both a bit harsh,