What is the most “80s vibe” piece of tennis gear you have?


I have two vintage-looking sleeveless sweaters (Fila and Lacoste) with stripes around the v-neck collar and on the edge of the sleeves - look like old cricket sweaters I used to wear as a kid and those which tennis pros used to wear during the days of wooden racquets. I don’t wear them much even when it is cold as I wear a lightweight, puffy vest instead that does a better job of keeping me warm - looks more modern too.
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I have a sergio tachinni jacket with zip out sleeves that makes for a neat vest. It is white with the royal blue on top. vintage McEnroe.
Now I just need to figure out how to stuff my warmup pants legs into my socks.


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Wish I had some sweet 80's gear
I have one of these as worn by McEnroe in 1981. The model is called Ghibli if anyone wants one. Sergio Tacchini of course.

One time I bought a sweet vintage Italian jacket like that. Turns out Italians must have short torsos or something, because it fit like a crop top.