Hey guys - new to the forums and have a couple of burning questions I’m really struggling with.

Bought this machine about 2 months ago now - I’m surprisingly good condition for what could be 20-30 year old machine? Firstly does anyone have any idea of the brand at all - can’t find it anywhere?

Now overall stringing is going well - found out I love it and have strung around 15 racquets so far. Managed to get the tension within 1-2lbs of what I want, no warping to any of the racquets and stringing has opened up a whole new world of tennis to me.

So, a few questions. As you can see from the photos, it’s (?) a 6-point machine - but the side supports are very flimsy. Also, if I put them opposite each other (as in the photo - racquet was already strung just using for demo purposes), on one side they will block the crosses as I’m stringing as they are flat. How do I change this? Can I just use the machine as a two point stringer instead?

I was getting a bit of superficial damage at 12 o’clock inside the frame - purely to the paint of a few racquets. I’ve read on a few threads this is basically because the metal billiard is resting against the frame. I’ve applied now some rubber to various parts of the machine including the billiards - is this going to be okay? Should I use a load dampener instead?

Finally a few people who have strung for me in the past who are very experienced have said how bad this machine is and that I should be looking to upgrade asap - but unfortunately money is tight and I seem to be getting good results with this. Should I cut my losses and aim to upgrade? Is it dangerous to use this machine?

A long rambling thread but any help at all would be so appreciated. Feel like I’m on my own a bit doing this. Thanks!




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No clue as to the mfg of the stringing machine. As far as the outer racquet frame supports go (at 2/4/8/10 o'clock), if the frame support holes are the same size or even if smaller (you could drill them up to the appropriate size hole)...don't see why you couldn't replace them with more modern frame supports that swivel and have a threaded post to go through the frame support arms that tighten with a knurled nut. But...with fixed, non-adjustable head and throat frame arms, it may not work depending on the measurements you get from the three different position holes, as it relates to racquet head size. The racquet head size obviously determines which of the three holes your outer frame supports will be positioned in I would think...then fine tune with the horizontal threaded T-arm to snug/tighten against the frame. Could possibly machine/slot the two holes together at the end of the frame arms and have the ability to adjust in/out newer style frame supports. Just be a trial and error thing I guess.

Always the option to use it as a 2-pt machine if all else fails and string on.


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actually looks pretty good. I would be VERY careful about the 4 side supports as it appears they are susceptible to being misaligned very easily I could easily see uneven alignment causing the racket to shift and break.

other than that, it sounds like a great starter machine. get good at it, save profits from string jobs and use the money to jump straight to an electronic....

(or get a crank earlier and save more for a Wise electronic tensioner.