What is Tomic saying?

Apparently Tomic is extremely upset with Hewitt in that there is huge favoritism for players he likes , Davis Cup bias for players he manages and wondering why he keeps playing doubles after calling for retirement. He says there is too much conflict of interest in what he does


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Tomic also said that no one likes Hewitt. He is not the only one saying this. Kokki also falling outwith Hewitt after DC semifinals where Kokki didnt play even to be in better form and had better ranking than Millman anddidnt get the WC while other players under Hewitt got it. Hm.

I agree with Bernie. Hewitt is a retired player who is taking place and WC of some young Aussies. He should decides what he wants. To be active player or DC Captain or de Minaur’s coach?!


As much as I think Bernie is a loonie, I believe what he says about Hewitt. That dude always seemed full of himself to me (anyone remember the Blake incident?). If it weren't for Roger taking him down a few notches, Hewitt's head might have exploded.