what is your tennis shoe brand?

what is your tennis shoe brand?

  • Nike

    Votes: 59 29.8%
  • Adidas

    Votes: 76 38.4%
  • K Swiss

    Votes: 9 4.5%
  • New Balance

    Votes: 10 5.1%
  • Others

    Votes: 44 22.2%

  • Total voters


For several years I've been wearing Adidas; mainly Barricade II's and Feathers. This past year I tried a few of the Nike models (BF II & Vapor 3) but neither were as comfortable as my Adidas. Finally, this past weekend I tried on a pair of Reebok Pump Triple Breaks at a pro shop - and pulled the trigger. Played two matches in them the very next day and my feet never felt like they had even been to the court they were so comfy. I think I may be converted...


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Reebok match day pumps

Babolat Team all court 2

Babolat pro pulse

Babolat pro pulse is my fav best shoe!
Have always played with adidas tennis shoes, fantastic durability and comfort. Had a couple of pairs of Booms, before switching to BIII, and then BIV's.


Nike Air Zoom Vapor 3
Nike Air Max Smash
Nike Zoom Air Revive
2 Reebok Triple Break Pump
Reebok Match Day Pump
3 K Swiss Ascendor SLT


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Most of the Nike/Adidas models that interest me are too narrow so I went with New Balance, NB has both length size and width size, that's a great thing you can choose the most comfortable combination for yourself... ;)


I've always played with Adidas, and have actually never worn a Nike tennis shoe, but am curious to try. I also wore Fila for one year and hated them. But the Prossimos got such high marks here on TW that I'm thinking about trying them.

Also interested in the Diadora Speed Pro shoes because they look so cool.
sometimes I feel nikes are too narrow on the toes. I only have one nike (black one) and I use it as a rain shoe. Since it's black i dont have to clean it anymore.

Filas hurts on the foot. Everytime I wear them I feel like my muscles in the foot is constantly pressured or sumething.

The best one would be Adidas and Bridgestone. Adidas has that "durability". Bridgestone shoes has an amazing amount of grip and style but it's pretty hard to find.