What it takes to win one ATP point.

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    There's been a spate of threads lately from various dreamers who'd like to win one ATP point. An understandable goal from a resume writing standpoint but I was wondering what it really takes. I don't have coaching experience and am equally ignorant about tennis tournaments outside of some minimal NTRP and Men's 40 experience.

    So I did some googling around just to get an idea what is involved and as I understand it (and please correct me if I got it wrong) you need to win one round in a Futures event somewhere. Now, here in the states getting into the main draw of a Futures event means either having an ATP ranking already, a national ranking of some kind (I'm really not clear on what this means) or surviving 4 or 5 rounds of qualifying or winning a Wild Card tournament.

    Now, surviving 4 or 5 rounds of qualifying against an international field of professional and semi-professional players sounds to me like a big ask for the sort of players whose videos have been cropping up here lately.

    There is a national open tournament held here in NY at the National Tennis Center during the Christmas holiday that has a 256 man draw for Men's Singles. It attracts a lot of college players. I went there to watch one of my customers (Joe) who is perhaps a 4.0 play his first round match against a college player. On his second return of serve Joe launched a ball over into the next court where a point was in progress. His ball hit a light fixture suspended about 45 ft above the court and with a loud clang signaled my cue to leave.

    I think all the posters who aspire to be pros should enter this annual event in NY. Here's a link for signing up.
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    Get a Wild card to one of the tournaments and win a match

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