What kind of shoes does Grigor Dimitrov use?

I noticed that Grigor is not switched to the new model from nike for example vapor pro as all professionals and there like on the Nike Vapor X Thought at the beginning that he will be replaced by the sponsor with the new year, so I stayed in the old and now look what he also left with Nike so for some reason a new model of the Nike shoes he didn't like

and he was left in the old models, I can say the exact name of this model? And are they even produced for ordinary people to this day? Or is it just for Grigor, Nike makes an exception and gives him these, although Roger took the patent for Vapor x shoes, as I read here, and Nike can't release Nike Vapor X anymore because of this, I would really like to know which shoes he chose for the next season because, frankly, I didn't like the Nike Vapor pro design, I like Nike Vapor X more, but alas, they don't release any more thanks in advance
Dimi and nishi basically started the old vapor trend now everyone is doing it lol

Sadly, everyone but the general public. Being a long time Vapor 9 wearer, despite the current Vapors being the closest thing to the old Vapor 9 (and even the 10!), the current Vapors are no where near the old stuff.


I really like the look of the new Vapor Pro. Wasn't a fan of the look of the 9 but I can't comment on the shoe itself since I never wore it. First pair of Vapors I ever tried were the Flyknit 9.5s (coming from the Lunar Ballistecs) but didn't like it much for tennis.

Bought the Vapor X and liked it a lot more, but in general the sole wore out far too quickly for my liking, so I went to the Cage 3s (they were cheaper anyway) and now the Vapor Cage 4s, which I really like.




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Grigor is still wearing what seems to be zoom vapor 9 at Rome, which I consider even better than the 9.5. Maybe they are not the more durable but according to me it is more confortable and "playfull". I already sent messages several times to nike to ask for the 9 version, if we are a lot to do it maybe they could make it again like they did with the 9.5 recently? Hopefully they did not loose money with this reintroduction...