What kind of tennis balls


What kind of tennis balls do you guys use? I use the Dunlop "Grand Prix: Hard Court" I heard that it was used in the Australia Open or Wimbledon until a year or two ago. Dunno if thats true though... But I was wondering what kind of balls you think are the best. As in long lasting, and in quality wise. IMO gamma balls suck, absolutely HATE them. But value your opinion if you think otherwise... just wont think too highly of you!:mrgreen: haha, but lemme know! :)


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I love the Grand Prix: Hard Courts. I also like the new version of the Pro Penn. They last longer and the felt doesn't wear as quick as the older version. It seems like Penn modeled these after Dunlop's Grand Prix balls. The balls that I hate are the balls by Prince.


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The Wilson Ti balls from WalMart are HORRIBLE! I tried some of the US Open official balls, I like those! Normally I just use the Penn or Wilson hardcourt balls from WalMart.


i got a case of Dunlop Grand Prix PTRs....how are those?

i've tried wilson championship (red can) and i liked them a lot because they were a little heavier and more durable then those penn championships, which had absolutely no durability.


I just got a box of penn balls because they were cheap. I didnt look into quality or anything, just went for it because the value.


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Personally I think Dunlop makes the best balls. They definitely last the longest, because at the racquet club I work at...for some reason when they switch the balls (about 500 at a time) some Penn some Dunlop, the Dunlop always stays harder longest.


I like Penn the best. I've tried Wilson and Dunlop also but the Penn's just seem to have more bounce and seem to last longer.

Surprisingly though, I really like the Wilson Titanium balls. For some reason these just play very well on hard courts.


Slazenger is not too bad. But now we only use Dunlop Fort at our club. Really nice hitting, maintains pressure well, but durability not too flash. However, the feel more than makes up for it.


Mostly Pro Penn ATP, but lately added Dunlop's Roland Garros to my list of favorites. Occasionally I'd try any other brand - Wilson, Prince... whatever I can get my hands on. But I still like Penn's and RG's the best.


woody6.1 said:
Wilson balls usually last about a couple days as to the Penn or Wilson U.S. Open or Dunlop balls. To me at least.
No denying Dunlop balls lose their fuzz just in one session. Slazengers are pretty hardy.