what means "feel" for you and how important is it??


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hi guys

Id like to know what is the term "feeling" in a raquet for you;how you describe it??? is it according to flexibility??? some people call it butter feeling??

Is it :flexy raquet (below 62 rdc) = feeling raquet??

And how important is for you to play with a raquet with "feel" as volkls C10s,dunlop 200Gs,PS 6.0s,Yonex RD7s etc etc and many many others i might forgot here......

More Stiffness = Less Feeling???????????????? or not necessary????

thank you guys.-


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This has been discussed in great detail many times before. Less stiff does not equal less feel unless you think a PS85 (66RA) has no feel.

Lottsa factors decide if a frame has feel or not.

Stiffness, frame size, balance, weight, string patten, string/tension n frame design really decide how a frame feels. Being very subjective it really isn't easy to say if a racquet has feel or not just based on specs alone.

Personally I prefer fames with more feel than not and it very important when deciding at the last moment how to handle a ball.



feeling=??? perception of density upon impact? stiffness? flavor? for me it's personal feeling, every racquet has a spirit, a series of memories, austrian racquets are very stern and don't talk much, st. vincent's are like, "yah mon, easy mon, ....yah!"


i really wish i could get the solid feel of the pro staff in a frame that has a swingweight of 295. that's some "feel" for ya

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I'm under the impression that I've got some feel going on when I can tell what's happening between the ball and the racquet upon impact. It's perhaps a sensation of being connected with the frame - as if it's telling me if the contact is right or wrong. I've sampled some kevlar and poly strings in a couple of my racquets and they seem to be more "thuddy" and give me a rather similar feel whether I hit the ball in the sweetspot or not. For me, that's bad feel.

Bad feel can come from a frame that is muted - it gives me very little feedback and I can't tell from the feel through my hand how the strings hit the ball. It can also come from a harsh amount of feedback as if the frame is being jolted - I can often get that from a racquet that's too light and stiff. The "feel" is like the ball is pushing the racquet around.

The issue doesn't come down to only stiffness, strings, weight, etc. It's almost all subjective, but I think that when you fire off a good shot and you can feel that good shot through the racquet before you even see the ball going where you wanted it to, you've got good feel happening.


ok, i've thought a little more about this topic.

"feel" to me has several components working together:
1. the amount of effort you put into the shot
2. the result of the shot
3. the racquet's response being felt through your arm

example: I'm approaching the ball and I'm thinking "crush it down the line". My body tenses up and exerts the amount of energy that I think will send the ball "crushing down the line". The result of the shot, matches the feel I get back from the racquet. The right pace and placement.

That's great feel to me. How important is that? That's the entire game.