what % of federer's greatness is strategy/intuition/mental??


just a simple question, although answer might be too abstract.

how much of federer's greatness is a matter of knowing what shots to hit at certain times vs. hitting the shots so well??? ........ and it's not simply putting shots together because that is partially to do with how great his shots set up others....

but just wondering about how much of his success is just knowing what shot to hit at the right time? and i'll throw mental toughness in there for question, although not the same thing.


One of Fed's many remarkable abilities is his omnipresence on the court.

He's always there!

Shots that some players hit when he's "on" will be winners against anybody but him.


He's a pretty smart player and he has good mental toughness. He reads other player's tendecies very well. He goes a little beyond just strategy and really figures the guy out. Unless you go and make an huge change in your approach, your toast. Plus if you ever watch one of his practices, he's always trying something new. Whether it be hitting one type of forehand with 3 different grips or ocassionally hitting a two hand backhand, tennis is always fresh to him and he's always trying new stuff out in new situations. That kind of creativity leads to some of his amazing shotmaking on the court.


67% physical talent
14% training and lazing around
10% confidence
6% tactics
3% string adjustment and head shakes

Federer is strong, quick, blazingly fast, and very determined not to be Xavier Malisse. That's his story...