What other Prince sticks if I liked the Prince More Attack 920 Air Handle MP?


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I had the random pleasure of playing a thrift store Prince More Attack 920 MP 100sq.in. The one with the slotted handle and translucent headguard.

I flipped it because the gripsize was too big but I really enjoyed it and want to revisit it. Apart from hunting down the same racket again in a smaller gripsize, does anyone know what Prince replacements to the More Attack range would be somewhat in the same ballpark as that range? The More Attack series was 2003/2004 IIRC

Thanks for any info


there are prince more precisions around . the oversize except for the thin beam reminded me of the more attack. the 95 was more of a light weight scalpel type racquet that lacked weight in the head but could really slice and dice and produce nice topspin


The Prince More Attack S920 MP is 100 si, 27.25" long, massed 312 grams, 7 pts HL, SW ~320, RA 65 and 16x20 pattern.

A recent comparable racquet is the Head YT Extreme MP, at least according to RacquetFinder. If you don't like Head's grip shape, plug the above into Racquetfinder and see what else is comparable by changing some of the specs.